AT&T set to start six-strike anti-piracy campaign?

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Alleged documents obtained by TorrentFreak assert that Internet provider AT&T has begun internally training its personnel in a new anti-piracy campaign.

Warning notices will begin to be sent out on November 28, according to the documents. If subscribers are caught downloading content protected by intellectual copyright — including videos, games and music — they can expect to have access to frequently visited Web sites blocked.

So, can a subscriber expect a court summons to arrive in the mail? Perhaps not, at least, for now. Instead, you’ll have to complete an “online copyright course,” according to TorrentFreak, although there are no details on what this entails.

The documents tell the company’s staff about the upcoming changes in policy, beginning with an overview:

In an effort to assist content owners with combating on-line piracy, AT&T will be sending alert e-mails to customers who are identified as having been downloading copyrighted content without authorization from the copyright owner.

The reports are made by the content owners and are of IP-addresses that are associated with copyright-infringing activities. AT&T will not share any personally identifiable information about its customers with content owners until authorized by the customer or required to do so by law.

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