Obama, Romney outline policies toward tech startups

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With the U.S. presidential election drawing nearer, a New York-based tech group sent both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney a letter asking how his policies would benefit tech startups, and both candidates have provided outlines in response.

Among other things, Romney mentions raising visa caps for highly skilled foreign workers; lowering the corporate tax rate to 25 percent and strengthening the R&D tax credit; and requiring that all major regulations receive congressional approval.

President Obama mentions having created the position of U.S. Chief Technology Officer and pursuing open data initiatives (an unlocking of data that can “fuel new products, companies, and industries,” he says — U.S. CTO Todd Park recently addressed the Commonwealth Club of California about this initiative). Obama also notes the recent crowdfunding law and patent reform.

Here’s the full text from both letters, as published by the tech group that queried the candidates, NY Tech Meetup.

From Mitt Romney:

Dear Andrew [Rasiej, NY Tech Meetup's chairman of the ... [Read more]